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SUPER COOL Gun Toy for your kids : Foam Blaster Soft Bullet is a Toy Gun with Foam Bullets and Suction Darts for kids. Have a great shooting dart game with this Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun. Kids will love to fire soft foam bullets and suction darts and hit imaginary targets.Easy to operate : ..
Rs.690.00 Rs.1,380.00
Ex Tax:Rs.690.00
Model: P3 NERF 20 DARTS
Blaze storm soft bullet gun series has long shooting range with great fun, easy to operate, also has strong and quick chamber switching function and quick shooting ability. Enhance your skill and win the dominating advantage over your opponent in the fighting game by quick shooting every time! trigg..
Rs.1,690.00 Rs.3,380.00
Ex Tax:Rs.1,690.00
Model: P2 NERF 4 SHOTS
High Quality Manual Soft Foam Bullet Gun, Material:- Plastic, Color:- Blue, Dimensions:- 48 x 18 x 6.8 cm.Includes 10 Soft Foam Bullets & 10 Soft Suction Dart Bullets.Kids will love to fire soft foam bullets and suction darts and hit an imaginary target.Strike fast with this quick-draw blasterNo..
Rs.1,129.00 Rs.2,258.00
Ex Tax:Rs.1,129.00
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